Kaffee Eis

From German - translation; - coffee-ice cream.

Established in 2004, Kaffee Eis represents a modern fusion of New Zealand and European flavour specialising in gourmet gelato and boutique coffee.

Our philosophy is simple - produce the highest quality product and deliver it with exceptional service to our customers.

We make our own gelato under the brand Gellicious Gelato - which also wholesales to cafes and restaurants throughout the country (contact us for more information if you are interested in stocking our product- info@kaffeeeis.co.nz ) - which many believe is as good, if not better, than you will find anywhere else in the world. We also We use authentic Italian recipes, enhanced by quality fruit and milk. With more than 40 different flavours, each of our shops has an ever-changing selection of flavours to tempt your taste buds.

Our fruit gelato (with the exception of banana) are all sorbetto, water-based not milk-based (containing up to 38% real fruit) and hence are 99 % fat free; while our milk based gelato is just that - milk based, in contrast to ice cream which is cream based. This means that Kaffee Eis gelato is lower in fat than traditional ice cream and has a fuller more satisfying flavour.

Since entering the NZ Ice Cream associations awards for the first time in 2011.....We have received 8 gold and 7 silver medals.....including 6 gold medals for our sorbets - no other manufacturer has won as many gold awards for sorbets over this period!

Traditional ice cream in a cone will never taste quite the same after you’ve sampled our delicious gelato in a crisp waffle cone.

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